Lighting is almost ALWAYS overlooked when we stage, photo and show our historic Orlando and Winter Park listings and it's ALWAYS one of the most important elements of successful staging, photographing and showing our listings. 

Take down heavy window treatments that block light or shrink room. You have to remove them to wash the windows inside and out anyway, so don't put them back up. Each room has to be lit up: LIGHT and BRIGHT. Here are some tips: 

  1. Do not permit showings after dark - it's not safe and the house won't show well. 
  2. Position large mirrors in the room to reflect a window and natural light
  3. Do NOT let buyers walk through a home that's lit only from the ceiling. Down lighting on a person makes the person look old. Trust me, your buyer isn't buying a home that makes her look old. 
  4. Update old lighting fixtures with new, energy efficient, fabulous fixtures. 
  5. Change out the light bulbs in each room to maximize each room: use the highest wattage and pick a flattering color (pink light is my favorite). 
  6. Replace old, dark lampshades! 
  7. Use uplights in corners to show how big room is.
  8. Call: Mike with Window Genie 407-814-3053 and get those windows washed!