This is usually obvious only to people that don't live in your historic home. Believe me when I tell you, it's amazing what I can get used to when something in my College Park home is broken. I'm a genius at the "work around" no matter how awkward and inconvenient the "work around" is -- it doesn't matter because I can't fix anything. 

Here's what you do, call your handyman or call Ed Renfroe with MAINSTREAM SERVICES Renovations and Maintenance in Orlando and Winter Park at 407-468-1136 or and give him your "list". Here's a suggestion: 

  • Patch damaged walls
  • Repair cracks in ceilings, walls and floor tiles 
  • Replace broken ceramic tiles 
  • Oil squeaky windows and doors including cabinet doors 
  • Fix sticky windows
  • Fix leaky faucets and toilets 
  • Replace broken windows and screens
  • Repair or replace all rotted wood inside and out
  • Replace dead grass and remove dead bushes
  • Control bugs, termites and critters
  • Make sure all systems are a go: electrical, plumbing, hvac, and roof