Staging your home is the most important form of marketing. It's merchandising. Think about how retailers get you to buy something in their stores. They make it look pretty and appealing, clean and neat, shiny and awesome. Tuni's on Park Avenue in Winter Park is an expert at getting me to come into her store because her window displays are soooooo gorgeous!

That's why Orlando and Winter Park sellers' first step is to schedule a professional to walk through your home to evaluate what needs to be updated, repaired, removed or improved. You should have a Realtor, interior designer, professional organizer, professional stager, advertising consultant or any retailer. The purpose is to give all potential buyers the ability to imagine themselves living in "your" home.

Maureen specializes in decluttering and redesigning your home with existing furniture and accessories or bringing in chic furnishings and accessories. She creates an environment that draws in potential buyers and immediately makes them feel like they can't wait to live there.

Try to remember  -- the fastest way to make the money you need is to sell your property quickly!

Maureen makes sure you're spending your time and money where it counts and makes the process a lot easier! She's a BIG BANG FOR YOUR BUCK marketer. Call her to schedule your one-hour consultation where we will evaluate your property, determine your needs and give expert recommendations on preparing and staging your home to help it sell quickly and for the highest price possible.